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our love story, chapter 6

In the name of l.o.v.e. and Valentine's Day it only seemed fitting that I go ahead and continue on with our love story, giving you a hefty Chapter 6.

If you need to get caught up you'll learn about how we met online, how he came to visit me in Santa Barbara, how I traveled to Montana, and how we decorated our first tree in earlier chapters.  Now it's time to get the real meat of the story, ring shopping.  Just kidding, but in all reality with the holidays and the peace and confidence that Benjamin and I would spend our days together, we thought about wedding rings.

Hold up.  Let's talk about love first.  We took several trips back and forth to one another.  I visited him more often as he had military duty and couldn't take as much leave.  My schedule on the other hand was more flexible working for a start up that in fact did not start up too well given the economic downfall and California's inevitable broke state.  I was able to go visit him and hang out in his house with his roommate until he got home from being underground in a missile silo, swearing to myself that I would never live in Montana.   I'm pretty sure I made that clear to him as well, although looking back of course it did seem romantic at times.

We took long drives- because you have to there in order to get to the next town- and one night went to a Ben Fold's concert.  That evening he told me he loved me.  I think my response was "I think I do too..."  How romantic.  Love isn't like it is in the movies.  It's more real and pensive and unsure at first, or at least that's how it was for us.

Realizing that I loved him too we pressed on.  He continued to have a busy schedule and one day got stranded at work because of snow, leaving me at his house without a car and without much of anything to do for a day longer.  I was pretty upset.  I was determined that this wasn't going to work and we should just say our goodbyes.  I talked to my Mom that day and she would later tell me that she thought too that it was all over.  Benjamin came home, was upset his schedule had changed, and all was well.  When my Mom asked me that evening how things were my response was something like, "He's wonderful..."

Ah, the sappy love story you were all waiting for...

And now, onto the rings.  We were in it to win it at this point.  He was the man for me.  On a trip down to Santa Barbara we decided to take a look at some rings, going from antique stores, to classic jewelry stores, to the winner, a lovely little shop in Montecito that carried amazing gold jewelry.  None of the rings were labeled as engagement or wedding bands making them all the more affordable and in my mind, unique.

Of course every girl wants a rock, but I was adamant about not wanting something that he didn't have money to pay off in full when he purchased it.  I didn't want a ring loan hanging over our heads and I'm glad we never had one.  Remember when I said I hate spending money?  That applied here too!

After a full afternoon of shopping I was left to wonder what he had liked the best, which jeweler he would contact, and of course, when it would happen!  I'll leave that story for our engagement anniversary, coming up in just about a week!

With that, Happy Valentine's Benny.  I'm thankful I married you.  I'm thankful I said yes and didn't run away or get stubborn.  I'm glad you chose me and that you keep doing so every day.



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