our love story. chapter one.

Awhile back I was encouraged to share the story of how Benny and I met.  It all started because I shared with a reader the news that we had met online.  It's true.   Clearly this was a story worth telling, right?

Truth is sometimes (often times) I brush off the whole online-dating thing by saying that Benjamin was my first 'match" and really I wasn't a part of that system anyways.  Obviously I was and because one of you asked for it, I'm going to share our story here, in this space where I record recipes and memories and now, our love story.

Chapter One: 
Let's start by saying where we both were in life.  I was living in Santa Barbara, planning to be super successful from a little start-up company that would surely go far and planned on staying in California forever.  I would have beach babies, a big garden, and ride my beach cruiser to the farmers market most Saturdays.

Benjamin was in the Air Force in Montana, planning on not being there forever, but planning on driving his truck, riding his motorcycle, going skiing, fishing, hunting, and riding his bike all within 10 minutes of his home for the rest of his life.

Benjamin had been on E-Harmony for a few years now.  He'd gone on several mediocre dates and got sucked in to renewing his membership every time they offered him a low rate to renew.  He didn't care where a girl was, he figured he wasn't stuck anywhere.

I however was not so fond of the idea of online dating.  I mine as well have been kicking my feet about the idea until a friend asked me what I had to lose.  She made the point that I should try it out when I was young and confident and not when I was older and felt like it was going to break me if it didn't work out.  She had a good point, and one I listened to.

I sign up and chatted with my roommates about the big step.  Clearly we spent many nights looking online and analyzing all the men on there.  I said I wanted someone in California and filled out the questionnaire.

E-Harmony on about day two of my membership matches me with Benjamin in Montana.  Montana?  You have got to be kidding me.  Clearly this is a joke.

Given my what the heck mentality about the whole thing we start answering questions for one another based on a questionnaire the company generates for you, and the rest if history.

Not really.  The rest is in chapter two.


  1. Oh, I love chapter ONE. Keeping going....

  2. Anonymous9/24/2012

    You're doing well.... because, from the very first line, you captured all of my attentions. Now, anxiously awaiting Chapter 2!

  3. Anonymous9/24/2012

    I did not intend on being Anonymous!

  4. Celina9/24/2012

    What a great beginning to a wonderful love story! Look forward to Chapter 2!

  5. I share about you as a SUPER success E-Harms story often... I LOVE that you are writing a little book for us!