easter day hunt

Easter day after Anderson's nap we decided to do a little hunt for him in the front yard.  He was excited to grab his basket and get the eggs then find out what was in each of them.

Although some had dinosaurs, pennies, and a few quarters many had jelly beans or chocolate eggs.  I asked if I could have one and this is the response I get... "No... hahahaha..."

easter events

Anderson's at the perfect age to really enjoy Easter egg hunts.  Although I think he enjoyed it last year too this year the hunt was all he wanted to do.

I thought about telling him about the Easter bunny but that just seemed silly when we're trying to focus on Jesus so we didn't really mention where the eggs came from and he didn't ask.

We went to a little hunt on Saturday morning at a friend's house before heading over to some bigger neighborhood events.  Overall a great morning that ensured a really good nap in the afternoon!

Tucker: 4 months

We've got a baby baby now.  No more newborn times as the little chairs and swing have made their way to the basement again.  This kid doesn't want to lie down but would rather try to sit up and see the world from a new view.

He gets lots of love from his brother and is generally pretty happy about it.  He also got some tough love in the past couple weeks as we did some light sleep training.  He wanted to just be held to fall asleep which was meaning hours of me trying to soothe him.  With Benjamin home later and in school a few nights a week I had to take the advice of my doctor and realize he could learn how to self-soothe and get him self to sleep.

As to be expected it was a tough few days but we did it while Benjamin was home so he was able to go in every 5, 10, 15, then 20 minutes.  After 3 days he got the picture and now I can set him down awake but tired and he goes to sleep.  Glorious.

This little man is feeling not so little and growing by the day it seems.  I love to watch him grow and see the world he's exploring.  I'm trying to savor each step as I know he'll be 6 months soon then a year before we know it.  Sigh.

kristen + owen + baby

In just a few weeks the world will change for my brother's family as they welcome a new baby.  Until then Owen can live it up as the center of their world.  Get ready Mr. O!  A baby is a coming....

cousin love

Owen and his parents visited this past weekend.  The boys loved seeing each other as always.  For a few weeks before Easter Anderson kept saying, 

"When's Owie coming Mommy?.... for Easter Time!!"

Tucker joined in with the big boys and I tried to tell them they'll need to share with him when he gets older and wants to play with them.  Although they said yes now I'm sure they'll have a hard time when he really does want to join in on the fun.

For now though, joining in and watching a show together worked just fine and was a nice break for mommy from the rambunctious wrestling and yelling toddler times we were having.

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