Hello 2019

What's in a number? Or several of them?  Okay.  So we may be two weeks into the new year, but that's about as long as it's taken me to get myself assimilated to this 2019.  Christmas break is always nice, but we find ourselves itching to be back into a routine.

We finally experienced a snow day and some school delays in true Virginia winter form, and Evan enjoyed walking into the woods far more than sledding down the hills.

As I type this I'm coming at your from my new office space.  Although I love the idea of my home offie in the basement, the reality is it wasn't getting used often enough.  I was finding that if I went down there three little people would follow and then ask for several things.  This way I'm able to do what I need to do in small pockets of time.  It also means all the papers and all the emails hopefully get responded to more quickly!  

I'm excited for the year ahead.  I have some exciting news coming in this space,  and my business with Rodan + Fields continues to grow.  It'll be four years this month since I joined.  I always get a little reflective about big milestones, and this month is no different.  I'm so thankful for it and for this space.  Getting work done and helping others while using creative and other gifts is no small thing in my book.  I'm so thankful to have done this all while the boys grow up and am thankful to be home with them each day!

Other mama's will get this part of a new year.  Just as we come back from Christmas we're somehow looking into the year ahead and what school will look like in the fall.  Other mama's listen up- February is somehow the time you need to be thinking about and enrolling in all these things! I would have never known this before and find it a little crazy, but also understandable I suppose!

With that, the babe is waking up and I need to go.  See.  Look at that.  Just got a post done thanks to this computer being right off the kitchen!

Cheers to a New Year!

Hi friends! Well, the holidays are about to be behind us and boy have then been busy.  Apart from only one trip to the doctors office and having some of our favorite pink medi in the house, it's been a good and fun break.  We have seen friends, traveled close to home, but enjoyed Virginia nonetheless, and are looking forward to 2019!

Highlights of the month have included spending my birthday in Warrenton, Virginia, seeing friends near and far, enjoying bonfires (much better in 60 degree weather than the heat of Summer) and went through Christmas without any tears.  I don't think I'm alone in wondering if what you've given your kids will be okay, and if there will be tears if they aren't happy with what they got.  Our kids received a lot of books this year, so that probably has something to do with my hesitations!

Seasons are so funny to me and with the tree out of our house, I'm itching for a fresh start.  I'll undoubtedly clean out more from the house, give more away, and feel like I lost 20 pounds in January.  I won't really lose 20 pounds ;) but I will keep working at Pilates at home thanks to Robin.

I'm excited for what's to come in this space and for what's to come with my business.  I'm so thankful to stay home with my boys while sharing what I love!  I recently found my personality test file (yes- I have a file) from college and had saved everything that I discussed with the career counselor while there.  Food, Entrepreneur and Social were all top things that came up- which is pretty amazing that God would have me doing those things now.  I'm so thankful.

As we head into an evening of festivities, and a new YEAR tomorrow I'm so thankful for you and for this space.  I entered into it with fear and hesitation and in 2019 plan to kick fear in the face :) as I embrace who I am created to be while creating more.

Thank you for always being along for the ride.  Happy 2019 friends!