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for the love of the big box

There was a time in my life when I didn't have a Costco Membership.  I know. There was a time I told my Mom to stop telling me how great it was and that I was fiiiine and that I just went to Target and Wegmans and we were good. 


I love me some Costco now.  Love because they have absolutely heard the voice of the people with what they stock, and love because it saves money, like only it can.

So, for that friend who just got a membership, here are some things I love there, in no particular order.

 Frozen Foodsmassive bag of frozen veggies.  my kids love these.Lots of options of lunches on the go. We like the ramen bowls and they've had some good burrito bowl options.  So much cheaper than if my husband has to eat out and ends up paying too much for something simple.  Great price on frozen shrimp + salmon
 Fresh FoodsBagged salad! That kale/cranberry slaw will be your lifeRotisserie Chicken- already off the bone!  This can be hard to find but I'm sure it's there.  I th…
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Starting here.

I've written this post a million times in my head.  I debated about doing a new years post at all, then thought about others things I want to write about, then came back to here.  New Year's posts can be super cliche, but then I kept thinking- rythmns and seasons and the hope of something NEW isn't bad at all.  I think it's a good thing, and I think we're created to feel this way.

After the beginning of December, which felt too full (and not in the filling way), it felt good to hit pause the last two weeks of December.  It felt nice to not worry about school schedules or gifts to bring in, projects to complete, or cookies to make.  That was nice, but what wasn't was feeling like I was so spent from the first two weeks that I didn't have the energy I wished I would have to make the cookies or the Christmas breakfast I wanted to make.

I don't feel bad about these things a ton.  My kids loved Christmas, and our breakfast was great- and planned out by my d…

Now Compiling A List of Books I'll Read (or Cook from) in January

I can't help it.  I always think ahead.  It's Monday, so that just means I've looked at my planner, figured out what the week looks like, what we'll eat the next few days, and how full next weekend will be.  This morning was low-key because I know tomorrow will not be.  I'm thinking ahead to what I'll do for Christmas cards, what Thanksgiving will look like, and I can't help it, what books I'll get to next year.

Right now I'm trying to power through some books that have been in the queue for a long time now, and then I keep seeing new books coming out, and it's far more exciting to me than when I used to be excited about what movies were going to come out around the holidays.  Anyone else remember that?  We used to get excited knowing some really good movies would come out and you were sure to run into everyone at the movie theater.  Does this happen anymore?  I'm not sure when I saw a movie in the theaters last and thought it was really wor…

Accepting the Mom you're Not (And Embracing the One You Are)

Something I love about getting older and being in this motherhood thing longer and longer, is the ability to let go and just embrace who I am.  I know more of the Mom I am and the friend I am and the wife I am than I did 6 years ago when I had my first.  Seasons change of course and I know someday I'll get back to stirring risotto for 45 minutes, my husband and I will go on more dates, and I'll have time to have lunch with friends, but for today, I'm all about Costco, freezer meals, and Amazon Prime. 

Nothing, I repeat nothing, is wrong with this.  If you're a paper plates Mom or an ordering out Mom- give yourself grace.  If your kids are healthy and happy and your marriage is surviving this demanding season, great.  If you are feeling fulfilled, awesome. If eating on paper plates is yelling at you, say no to something so you have time to do your dishes.

Awhile ago - probably a year ago?!- a working mama asked me how I do it (staying at home) and told me she didn…

A Letter to You on your first day of Kindergarten

Dear Anderson,
Today you started Kindergarten.  You're a big boy now.  No more lunches at home with me during the week.  No more lazy weekday mornings.  I thought I'd be a slobbery mess this morning, and there's no doubt the emotions have gotten the best of me earlier this week.  But today, seeing you so proud and ready, marching into that kindergarten hallway, hanging your backpack and taking your folder into your classroom, it could not have been more clear just how ready you are.  I could wish you would stay little forever, and for as many wonderful sweet memories we've had, I don't wish to go back for a minute this morning because I'm oh-so proud of you sweet boy.  You're ready and I can't wait to see all that you'll learn and explore this year--the friends you'll make and lessons you'll learn.  Some will come easy, others not so.  One thing I know, I hope you'll always know how much we love you. I hope you'll always come to us …

Batch Cooking Like it's my Job

Whatever came over me led me to dog ear a bunch of recipes and then proceed to throw down $300 at Wegmans turning it into weeks worth of meals thanks to this cookbook.  I'm not really sure when I got it- probably years ago, but with school upon us and schedules and soccer and trying to work or respond to emails when I can, I knew it was time to re-stock the freezer.  Jessica has a tie to Santa Barbara, so her book naturally has a lot of healthy options and isn't all pasta bakes, as seen on the cover.

When I looked it up on Amazon, there's apparently a NEW and improved version of Not Your Mother's Make-Ahead and Freeze Cookbook so I may just recommend you get that one instead.  You can find it here.

So, what have I cooked up?  Oh man- here's the list.  For now I can't give you my entire reviews, because most of these headed straight for the freezer!

Breakfast Dishes- here's my goal- 9x13 Breakfast casseroles serve as either a breakfast for dinner option, OR…

smack dab

We're smack dab in the middle of summer.  We've been in summer mode since mid May, and we've got til a week into September.  We're sandwiched right in the middle, and it's a good place to be.  We still have the ocean to visit and a long car ride (or 2) to take.  I have yet to feel like "man I wish school would start" so yeah, I'd say we're doing good.  Summer so far has consisted of swimming most every morning, long naps in the afternoon by the youngest member, and a major lack of drama.

Just the other day I was telling Benjamin how I like not seeing people as much.  Introvert alert.  He laughed and reminded me he'd still like to see people and have them over.  I agree and am thankful for more space in our home to do that, but I also like not feeling like we're racing between activities and am a bit curious how yet another new season will go this year with 2 in school and 2 in sports.  I don't want to run ragged and want to make sure …