eight years.

I'm sitting here on what is the first time in eight years that I have a known, scheduled, regular break in my week.  Eight years you guys.  This deserves far more than a selfie from my minivan, it deserves a blog post.

While I've had seasons of working well in little pockets of time, writing isn't something that is the best done in ten minute increments. I need a bit longer than that to clear my head and not start thinking about what's for dinner and if my kids have Fall clothes for when this 80 degree weather breaks.

I won't ever catch up on all the emails and believe one hundred and ninety nine percent that mama's can't do all the things... but we can focus on a few.  In this season it's clear to me what I need to do with the biggest banner over it all being that I need to walk in faith, not fear.

Recently while listening to a podcast I realized how anxious I really am- and while I'll admit it, I'm not proud of it.  I recently took a month long Instagram + Facebook break and while that helped, I think anxiety doesn't stem from social media all the time. Remember, you get to hide and mute whomever isn't serving you well, and that goes for your life offline too!  I'm working on that while feeding myself with Truth and as God would have it I'm leading two Bible studies this Fall- God's way of feeding me His truth daily!

I've got time to actually ask myself what I need to do, far different from the mama routine of reacting to all the things.  I'm excited and welcoming this break and yet a part of me is sad and missing the days of all the toys and snacks and having nothing on our schedule.  We still have lots of toys and snacks, but the schedule is far from clear.

Mama's, if that's you right now and you're looking for things to add to your calendar, don't rush it.  Yes, get out and see friends and have a supportive group of ladies in your life.  Schedule date nights when you can.  Go to story time and talk to your kids while you push the grocery cart leisurely through the aisle.  Read a book.  Read the Bible.  Take them for a walk.  Push them on the swing.  Snuggle that baby and if it's your first, watch all those shows before they're able to comprehend Netflix and just snooze in your arms. 

While I feel like more of an "old Mom", a term my friends didn't want to group themselves into, I do look longingly at those Mama's who sent their toddler off to preschool for the first time today because he's their oldest.  I see those Mama's with the newborns at home who will rock, feed, change, and then hop back in the car to get their toddler.  You've heard it said and you know it's true- the days are long but boy are the years (even eight of them!) so short.

prime day faves

Hi friends!  I'm here and I've got time while my little naps to share some deep parts of my heart today- Prime Day!  Ha.  Clearly I'm starting back into this space pretty light.  Grab a sparkly water and sit awhile.

Prime Day.  Christmas in July for sure.  I avoided looking online for awhile and just recently got sucked into the deep dark whole which is Amazon.

My oldest told his teacher Amazon is my favorite store which I think is amazing and comical seeing as there are very few physical Amazon stores and I've never been to them!  I do love Amazon though and find myself adding to my cart and then quickly clicking "save for later" so I can just think about the items and see if we really need any of it- or if the price will change!

A few of my faves from these Amazon (days)!  Affiliate links used- nothing affected on your end, just a little kick back for me!

Things We Scored:

Shoes for the boys!  Yesterday we got school shoes for 50% off! Good deal! ...And that's it! Ha! Still thinking about some things. Here they are-

Things we're considering-
Kindle Paperwhite- I really like the idea of not giving Anderson the iPad and having the parental controls for his reading.  I think I'd love it too!  Usually $144 for $89.  Maybe I could hold off til his birthday to gift him this?!

Good Deals:
23 and Me is only $99 as opposed to $199!  My husband jokes that it's just one more way to be worried about what could happen to you,  but I find it fascinating.  The more you know, right?!

Instant Pot.  I love mine.  If you don't have one, it's a good day to snag one.  I think you'll love it in all seasons!

Knives- definitely not fancy but we've been looking at getting these for all the camping days ahead!

Camping Sleeping Mat- Another thing we've been looking at.  This is enough of a discount that it might be worth snagging another one so we aren't all fighting over comfort to sleep.

Vital Proteins Collagen- I use this in my coffee each morning.  It's tasteless, has protein, and more importantly has helped my nails and hair a lot!

Ellie Holcumb's Children's Book.  This book is so sweet and a makes a good gift!

I mean, I may NEED this Mexican Instant Pot Cookbook for $10.  Right?!

Thats all she wrote- for today at least.