our love story chapter 5

It's high time for another installment in our love story.  I left many of you biting your nails and wondering what was going to happen next I'm sure.  In Chapter 4 I traveled to Montana.  Just for you I found this picture of our time there.

I'm pretty sure this was on a drive we took, one of many since the towns didn't have that much to offer. Long drives were good for the soul while turning up some Avett Brothers and figuring the future ahead was bright.  It has been bright, but somewhat comical looking back now realizing then we never anticipated long commutes, big city life, and a tiny apartment.

In the coming weeks following our time together we would continue to chat on the phone, over text message, and mainly through video chat.  It really is amazing how technology bridged the gap and how easy it became to communicate when we could actually see one another, all be it through a screen.

It's no doubt that our fondness for one another grew as the space between us so promised it would and we were soon planning holidays together, first up, Thanksgiving.  It's fitting that we'll all be celebrating Thanksgiving together in a few short weeks with family and our baby.

A few years ago however Thanksgiving meant another trip up to Montana for me and suckering Benjamin into the tradition my family has of getting our tree the day after Thanksgiving.

Although we saw an incredibly adorable family cut down their own tree on a hike one day we decided to head to Home Depot and get a tree there.  We put it up and as his girlfriend I felt some pride in adding a little woman's touch to his home.

With the Holidays come inevitable talk of presents and shiny ones at that.  What would happen next?  Chapter 6 to come next week!


  1. Leaving us hanging again, eh? ; )

  2. I agree. These chapters are way too short.

  3. Maybe next week I'll add 2 chapters. I've lost a nap this week! Less time to blog!