"You need to shop like a Southerner" Why I joined Stitch Fix!

Let me tell you something.  I HATE shopping.  I wasn't always this way.  When I had little concept of how much things really cost and my parents were paying for clothes growing up I liked getting new things and feeling like I could throw together a cute outfit often.  When I got out on my own and started buying things for myself I loved to lust after just about everything in Anthropologie and J.Crew.  When I was single and feeling successful I'd throw down some money every few months to get some new things.  I was never good about getting a piece here and there to spice things up, and I'm still not.

Spending money isn't something I'm good at or enjoy.  I love saving money, Benjamin thinks to the point that it's fun to me and it's pretty true.

Confession.  I have clothes from high school.  I easily have things from college.  Truth be told, obviously, these things have got to go.  

A few months ago I was at a point where I felt like all my clothes were either falling apart or didn't fit.  I needed several new things which meant having to throw down more money than I would have liked which led to me feeling inevitable buyers remorse.  Again, I hate spending money.

So, recently I hear about this thing called Stitch Fix.  Sounds like a dream come true.  I don't have to go shopping, someone picks things out for me based on what I say I like and want to spend and if I don't like them I return them all, or keep what I want and my $20 goes to that item.  

Big kicker is I don't have to do this monthly.   I could say I want to do it every 3 or 6 months even.  

Benjamin told me I need to shop like a Southerner.  I need to pick things up once in awhile.  He's not saying I need to wear a dress every day or curl my hair, something I'm sure he wouldn't mind, but that I should be ok with looking nice and getting something every so often.  Nice husband I have.  Real winner.  And yes he is Southern and no I am not.  According to the joke we have with his family, I'm a  Yankee.

So here's some info on Stitch Fix given to me by blogger friend Shannon over at The Scribble Pad.

It is a monthly subscription for 5 hand curated clothing/accessory pieces sent to your home - basically like a mini personal shopper. You fill out a style profile, have a chance for comments, you choose if you are looking to expand your business attire, date night outfits, weekend clothes, etc. and you get to decide when you schedule your next "fix." You can even go so far as filling out your style profile before committing to receiving anything.

+ You can easily skip months. 
+ You don't get charged until you decide what you keep. (There is a $20 design fee if you choose to return everything.  This design fee gets deducted from the order total of what you choose to keep.)
+ They include a prepaid envelope to return anything you don't want to keep.
+ You have three days to try everything on and decide what you keep
+ 25% off if you keep all five items
+ you provide feedback of why you kept or return each item, meaning your fix gets more tailored to your taste each time. 

I just did the profile and I can say how much I'm willing to spend on items as well.

Want in?

Full disclosure- I get $25 credit any time someone orders their first fix through my referral - once you join, you will have the same $25 perk with anyone you share it with!

I'm excited to get my first Fix and will let you know how it goes!

photo credit for the top picture goes to Stitch Fix.  And to confirm that Anderson has a way better wardrobe than I do, here you go.


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