our love story. chapter 3.

Now that you've read Chapters One and Two, it's time for Chapter Three.

After two hours of video chatting for the first time with Benjamin I turned off my computer and thought I'd casually get ready for bed.  This isn't possible when you live with two other girls so the minute I left my room my roommate was ready to ask me questions.  My grin appeared again and I remember telling her it just seemed a bit different- it seemed like it could be the real deal.

All that to say- in no way was this love at first video chat or that we had no further questions for one another.  Clearly we took our time and got married within the year.

The following day we communicated again and both were obviously pleased with how our conversation had gone.  We kept up our conversations and before long I got impatient.  Was I wasting my time or would I meet this man soon?  I wasn't ready to keep chatting with him if we weren't going to get to see one another in person before too long.

Benjamin suggested he come for a visit and I later found out that he figured if things didn't work out at least he would have made a trip to Santa Barbara.  That was all fine as my plan was for him to stay at a friends house and if things weren't going well we would just have barbecues and hang out with her family all weekend.

Benjamin arrived in Los Angeles on September 11th.  Although we were both nervous we openly shared those feelings which made it all the more comical.  When Benjamin arrived at baggage claim he had these in his hand.  Sunflowers with a wooden spoon stuck inside them.  Winner.  Ding ding.

I was so shocked and flattered I just said "thanks" and tucked them behind my seat.  I'd later find out this surprised Benjamin as he was used to girls being overly emotional and excited. 

After the airport and with some awkward conversation between us we headed up Highway 1 towards Santa Barbara.  We stopped off for fish tacos on the way up then made our way around Santa Barbara that evening.  Everything went well, better than either of us could have expected.  He was comfortable to be around and the conversation flowed easily.  By golly, this could be it.

After a wonderful weekend he headed back to Montana and I agreed with nervous excitement that next step would be for me to see his life in Montana.  That story will be shared in Chapter 4!


  1. Anonymous10/14/2012

    Just logged on today, and what a pleasant surprise! A new chapter in your "Book of Love" brought a smile into my day! Ya'll are just too amazing! Love his thoughtful gift. This man cannot be real. Nor can you!

  2. That Anon. last post was "yours truly!" Didn't mean to send without name.