Guest Post: New Mom (Anytime) Gift Guide

Today's Guest Post is from Michelle Perez of Simply Complicated.  I met Michelle in college and since then she has gotten hitched, had a baby, and lives in Guatemala where her family are doing some great work.  Read more on her blog and until then, check out her gift guide for new moms!  Thanks, Michelle!

I am a new mom to and am still very much in the ups and downs of learning how to how to take care of a very small human and myself. Even though I think all new moms would be happy with a nap, a long shower and a meal on their doorstep I have put together a gift guide that stretches a bit beyond the basic. You could say this is just in time for the holidays, but the truth is, this is an anytime of year gift guide. Enjoy.

We all know new moms like and appreciate home cooked meals. But I was surprised as a nursing mom, how hungry I was all. the. time. Friends of mine were so sweet, because they brought over a meal AND muffins or bread or baked goods for breakfasts and late night snacks. How cute would these kitchen towels be wrapped around a bag of freshly baked muffins? Or cookies. They have the anthro look, but at half the price.  

(side note: check out Willa Kate for some super cute gifts ideas for mom & baby. Kelsey, from Words of Williams, just featured a few of their products. I love this bag and these baby headbands.)

2. SUPER Fast (almost) Instant Drying Top Coat
So apparently Oxblood Nail Polish is the color for the season. But if you’re a new mom you know that trying to paint your nails during nap time is risky. The moment the polish goes on, the little one cries and how do you pick up a baby with wet nails? My mom got me these: Duri: Drop N Go Drying Drops and it is the only way I can attempt to paint my nails with a little one around. It really works, trust me. Wouldn’t it be a cute little stocking stuffer with a your favorite color polish and a new nail file?

3. Contigo: BEST Spill Proof On-the-Go Thermos 
For the coffee or tea drinker in your life, these are a mom’s best friend because they are throw-it-in-your-purse-diaper-bag-or-car spill proof. No joke. No leaks. Nada. They’re made for hot drinks, but if you’re nursing and trying to stay hydrated you can just fill it with water and take it wherever you go. I usually buy a two pack. One for mom and one for the husband. 

4. A Lisa Leonard’s Necklace with Charms for Each of Her Little Loves
This one and this one are on my wishlist. 

5. Baby-proof/Teething Necklace
Let’s be honest though, as soon as your little one can grab and pull you can say good-bye to hanging necklaces. Except for this chic-baby-friendly-chewable necklace! I am eyeing this one and this one from Lady Lee and Drew Jones etsy shop.

6. The Perfect Cuddle Blanket
We received one of these as a gift for our little girl and it is absolutely thee softest, best cuddle blanket we have. My only complaint…is that it’s not bigger. Well, The Little Giraffe does make adult size blankets! They are ridiculously over priced, but if you’re in the mood to splurge you won’t be disappointed. (Although I bet you could find something similar at Costco ☺)

7. Instagram Photo Books RIGHT from your iPhone with Artifact Uprising
Let’s be honest most moms have grand plans of starting a baby book for their new little bundle of joy…but if you’re like me, that bundle of joy takes up a lot more time that you expected and the baby book you purchased remains empty. I love this company because they combine quality printing with super easy and efficient ordering. (read: you can click and order off your phone!) You can finally use the hundreds of photos that have been sitting on your iPhone and have an adorable photo booked shipped to your house for $16.99. How cute would it be to do one for each month? Baby-book guilt be gone!

8. The Gift of a Haircut 
At about 6-8 weeks after the birth of a little one, most moms are ready for a little break. They are also usually ready for a haircut! My sister was here right at the 8-week mark and she watched my daughter so I could spend an hour getting my haircut. It was a godsend. What a great gift to get a new mom a gift card for her to get her hair cut and offer to watch the baby? 

New moms have lots of stuff: baby stuff, nursing stuff, stuff for guests, etc, etc. Basically there are just lots of new things around the house that don’t always have a “place” yet. Grab 2 or 3 of these super cute and practical boxes (I like these from Home Depot for just $6) and fill them with a meal for the family or your favorite magazine or book. Mom gets a little something special, plus a super cute box to keep the house organized.

10. Reading Time
Ok, these books are really for mama and baby, but they are two of my favorites: 
If I Could Keep You Little and You Are My I Love You! And for any Spanish speaking families, this one you can get as a bilingual English/Spanish book, Tu Eres MI Te Quiero

Now if you’re trying to keep to a budget this holiday season and can’t get one of the following for a new mom in your life, never underestimate the gift of a nap, a meal and a shower ☺

**I was not compensated for any of these recommendations. All ideas and links are because I really like the product.**

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