our january mantel

Something I really love about our house is the fireplace and mantel.  Although it's not real wood in there we've learned that the fire does let off some nice warmth on chilly days and offers a nice ambience in the evenings.  

It should come as no surprise to anyone who has lived with me before (cough cough, Annemarie...) that I love re-arranging things.  The mantel is no different.  With the holidays behind us and Valentine's Day around the corner I decided to re-do the mantel space yesterday.  Clearly it was an act of procrastination, similar to how I'm writing this post over ironing right now.

With Valentine's Day in mind I put up a wedding photo and a picture of Benjamin and I pre-babies and when I had blonde hair.  I feel like I look so young.  We look so young.  

I also threw up the Home Good's print that has gotten a lot of love every place I've lived and kept the hurricans and red candles up from Christmas.

I'm a bit mantel obsessed and love finding more inspiration on Pinterest, having even created a board dedicated to it all.  

We'll see how long this one sticks.  My rule is by February 1 I'm allowed to add some candy hearts into the hurricane and make this all out Valentines-y.

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  1. Oh yes, it was always a surprise to see what new decor came out when you were inspired. I love that you still make time for this. I actually did some mantel decorating today with Burke and thought about you!! :)