...the great Christmas tree hunt..

Did you get yours?  It's a tradition in our family to go out and get it the day after Thanksgiving.  Benjamin had to work that day, so this year we made an exception and headed out on Saturday.

Thankfully, it was well worth it as we headed out to Snickers Gap Tree Farm where we cut one down....with our own bare hands.  Well, not quite.  With a saw.  Ok- Benjamin cut it down, with a saw.

I took lots of pictures and analyzed each tree, determining which would be the perfect fit.  I think we made a good selection, don't you think?

Once the tree was cut we were able to enjoy some hot cider and there was a farm there selling their organic beef.  Count me in!  I got 3 pounds of it and used some to make those awesome meatballs for the family that evening.

Before we headed home my parents drove us down the road to Bluemont where we enjoyed a Cab.  Not bad, Virginia- Your wine is getting better.  When we got home, the tree was "a little full, lots of sap."  Oh Christmas Vacation.  Another tradition- watching that movie right after Thanksgiving.  It's just too good and too fun to recite lines to as it plays.

The decorating of the tree happened on Sunday, and I think it turned out quite nice.  I still might string some popcorn to put around it, but for now, she's set.  We walked outside to see the view from the street- don't you love seeing everyone's trees popping out from their windows?

Happy Decorating!  


  1. You guys are one of the most photogenic (and pretty darn good-looking in person, too!) couples ever! That's such a great picture of you both!

    And what a festive tree. Ours is waiting patiently for its owner (ah-hem, me) to decide if we're going to try a new location in the house this year or not.

    Merry Christmas season! Love it!

  2. Thanks, Kara! You should get it up this weekend!