celebrating two

Anderson's cousin and buddy Caleb came over Saturday (with their families) to celebrate his second birthday.  We pulled out the birthday banner and Benjamin so wonderfully used streamers to decorate the house as well- check out the reflection in the mirror.  His mother taught him well.

You could say the buddies were all pretty excited about being together.

I knew I wanted to make the donut cake for Anderson's birthday which was a hit and exciting for him since he has a new love of donuts since they appear at church each Sunday.

He has definitely figured out presents, just in time for Christmas to be not too far in the distance.  Overall he loved everything- new cars, legos, and lots of McQueen things, including this hat.  A real winner was the t-ball set he got.  It couldn't have come at a more perfect time since he'd started picking up the paint roller extension, a ball, and asking to play baseball and hit it.  Now he has a real set.

I love this two year old to pieces.  It really has gone by quickly.  Time for a new baby.

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  1. All these pictures are wonderful, but the one of Anderson and Owen with their hands in the air is especially endearing!