Some mornings

Some mornings you need to stay in pajamas and attempt to read while you get over a cold and your son is still fighting it. 

We're having one of those mornings where Kleenex are everywhere and Anderson is learning to grab them himself when needed. 

What I thought was just allergies is a cold and I think while pregnant a cold seems to be worse than normal. 

It's ok. I'll take these lazy mornings and my newfound realization that I need to pick up a book again after a 2+ year hiatus. 

This week at the library I decided to check out some books for myself and picked up two Beth Moore books- So Long Insecurity and To Live in Christ. 

Any other book recommendations out there?


  1. This made me YEARN for fall and cooler weather... and slower times? So sorry you have a bad cold - I do think stuff like that is definitely worse in pregnancy - some women even have chronic nose stuffiness, etc. Praying that it passes quickly... although if your morning was any indication, maybe it's not so bad.

    1. Yah I was hoping this wasn't chronic stuffiness- I think it's a cold now just allergies. thanks for the prayers! hope you're enjoying time with your TWO!