celebrating ONE

It's said that a one year birthday party is really for the parents, it's not for the kid.  It's mostly true.

When I was pregnant I would have been the first to tell you we'd just be having a dinner with family when Anderson turned one and that big parties when they were so little was a silly waste of money.  Well, we will be having dinner on Sunday, his actual birthday, as a family but as for the party?  Nothing was silly or wasteful there.

Thing is, once you've gone through the first year with your babe you want to celebrate.  Not just because you "made it through!' but because it was the most overwhelming, exhausting, rewarding, stressful, and JOYful year of your life to date.  I speak for myself of course.

I've been a bit nostalgic the past month thinking of the big ONE coming up.  Not because I can't believe it, I can, but because it's becoming more and more clear each day that I don't have a baby anymore.

To celebrate the babe that I still have for the next couple days we threw a party.  It wasn't big but it wasn't small.  It was friends who have been in Anderson's life for the past year and it was crazy.  Friends in our stage of life have little kids and so that meant the party put me into full on Mom-mode.  I loved catching up with friends but it seemed like I started about 10 conversations and didn't finish any of them.  I was getting kidlets water with ice or no ice and of course getting a spoon for the sweet girl who asked for one so she wouldn't have to eat her ice cream with a fork.

Watching Anderson eat cake was no big amazing thing.  As my friend assumed, the kid has had cake before so we didn't need to stare at him while he consumed sugar for the first time.  I'm just thankful he still choses broccoli over cheese for dinner and thinks peas and carrots are pretty amazing too.

As for decor for the party I turned to Pinterest and was happy with the results!  Credit for the balloon display goes to my dad and Benjamin did some nice handy work with the streamers.  I made the number 1 out of pictures and loved doing that for him so people could see a few of the memories we've had this past year.

I dressed Anderson up in an outfit Mama T made for Benjamin when he was a babe and was happy it fit the boy!  As for the rest?  Just good food like chocolate mayonnaise cake with buttercream frosting and donut cake to continue on the tradition!  My Mom made her signature veggie basket and we threw together some fruit skewers.

All in all?  A great bash that was ONE of a kind just like our lil buddy!


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  2. Victoria Kidson9/19/2012

    We had a reptile party for our one year old and he slept through the snake show!