a {good} day in the life of a mom {and blogger}

After reading Robin's post about her "Day in the Life of a Pilates Instructor" I was inspired to write about my day.  Although they are all different I decided to write down what I did last Wednesday.  Wednesday turned out to be a really good day.  Funny enough the following day Anderson had a fever and Friday we found ourselves at the doctors office.  This past weekend we were quarantined to my parents house where we bottled beer and painted furniture.  No day is really the same, something that I really enjoy.

Here's my day, starting at..

2:00 AM: Someone wakes up and is crying- nursing and back to bed.

5:30 AM: Awake and nursed then back to bed.

7:45 AM- Awake for the day.  Change his diaper, read a book, play upstairs some then downstairs we go.

8:15 AM- Grab my coffee and feed Anderson.  Try to vacuum while he's crawling around but that freaks him out so I stop.

9:00 AM Morning nap for Anderson.  Nurse him then he goes to sleep.  I check email, fold laundry, start a new load, eat breakfast, consume more coffee, and take a shower to get ready for the day!  I post my blog for the day on Facebook and Twitter.  Already I can tell it's a dress and lipstick-wearing kind of day.  I even bring out a necklace I've forgotten about.  It's cheap so I won't be too upset if Anderson tugs it off me.

11:00 AM Anderson is up!  Get him ready for the day and grab him a snack.

11:30 AM head to the bank and to the grocery store.  It's really windy so I'm regretting the dress decision.  Pick up blueberries for us to have blueberry flapjacks soon.

1:00 PM: We're home and it's time to get the boy lunch.  Grammy is here and I make us a BLT for lunch while she feeds Anderson.

1:45 PM: Anderson down for another nap after more nursing.  Meanwhile Mom is cleaning and I help pick-up.  Very thankful for Mom's who iron and vacuum and empty dishwashers!

2:15 PM: I make us Juice!  This time orange, carrot, celery, cucumber.

2:45 PM: Head over to my haircut, thankfully just a short walk away.

4:00 PM: Walk home with my new do!  I woke up feeling like it was a good day for a change.  Cut my hairs and am finally getting used to this new face in the mirror.  Thanks to the new kick in my step my Mom says she should stay so Benny and I can go on a date.  I couldn't agree more and convince her she should really stay so we can go out!  She agrees like the good Mom she is would.

5:30 PM.  We take Anderson for a quick walk around the neighborhood in his diaper.  Keeping it classy or keeping him cool.  You decide.

6:00 PM: Put water in a huge pot for dinner tonight and then start water for his bath.  Grammy gives him a bath then he gets read his goodnight books.

7:00 PM: It's time for me to come nurse him before he goes down for the night.  I love this sweet time.

7:15 PM: Make dinner- a good simple but super tasty staple around here of pasta with mint and peas.

7:30 PM: Dating time!  We walk over to grab a $5 glass of wine and then some ice cream.  Great time with the husband.

9:00 PM: Since Grammy needs to drive 45 minutes home we head back, super thankful for the break and time together.

11:00 PM Bedtime here.  Should have been earlier, but then again we do love our couch time around here.


  1. I'm impressed. I know not all days are prob this good, but you make motherhood look easy : )

  2. Love the haircut!