our bedtime book routine

I've never wanted Anderson to be so dependent on a bedtime routine that he would cry if we didn't read a certain book or if he didn't get a bath.  Turns out, thankfully, that the bath and books help but they aren't necessary.  When we do bathe then read (most nights) we end up reading Pajama Time, Big Red Barn, then Goodnight Moon. In that order.

Benjamin usually reads to him as I fold laundry or clean up the kitchen.  It's a good night when I hear him turning the books into songs, especially Big Red Barn which often becomes a folk song.  Mamma T took the role when she was here and I was happy to capture this sweet shot.

Anderson loves his books.  It's how we wake up too, and what we do quite often during the day.

We're in search of some new books though...  What are your favorites?  I know there are some good ones out there so please share!


  1. aww i use to read the goodnight moon!

  2. I have SO many suggestions. But are you looking for infant books or any good childrens night time books?

  3. Alison- I guess a bit of both! Children's books are so so sweet!

  4. Thanks for this list!

    Some of our favorites are:
    Daddy Calls Me Doodlebug
    Daddy Hugs
    I'm as Quick as a Cricket (or any books by Audrey Wood)
    Love Sandra Boynton too!
    Dr. Seuss Nursery books (Anna has a cloth one I found at a garage sale that's super cute)
    The Usborne books are really cute. We checked "That's Not My Puppy" out from the library. They have lots of touchy feely ones.

  5. Thanks Lesley... All good suggestions and I haven't heard of many of them!

  6. Kristen6/29/2012

    "Five Little Monkeys"- Owen is mimicking the way I read this line with the intonation. It's hilarious!