What's for Easter?

Per usual I'm thinking of new recipe's the try for Easter.  I have a trifle in mind because I really need to put my trifle dish to good use.  I'm also thinking of a strawberry salad perhaps, or maybe a panzanella salad.  We'll probably have lamb one day, marinated in Italian dressing and thrown on the grill.  That's how my parents roll.  Another day we may have ham, scalloped potatoes that have too much butter, and peas.

Maybe I should make biscuits. That said, I'll most likely end up making blueberry pancakes for everyone too.  In fact, my Dad has probably purchased a huge carton of blueberries with that thought in mind.  I do after all ask if I can make blueberry pancakes most weekends we're at my parents and they not to begrudgingly agree.

Need some Easter inspiration?  Here are some recipes I've made and loved and that said, would recommend you try out too!

Does that help?  Sure got me in the mood for some spring eats!

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