apple picking 2019 edition

There's a 99% chance that I've already written about apple picking in the years past.  In fact, I'm most certain that I have.  And so, the title for this post includes the year.  I miss the face of Anderson biting into an apple while picking, before he was old enough to know the rules that you shouldn't sample while you pick, and yet this grown picture of my kids is one for the books too. 

We ventured out this past Saturday to make a memory.  We aren't doing rec sports this Fall for the boys which means our Saturday's are open! Many are filled with camping trips, and those that aren't are reserved to do things like this!

We went to Stribling Orchard not far from our home, although Hollin, Markham and Green Truck are all right there too.  What's super nice about apple picking is you can pull your car up pretty close to where you need to be.  While hiking through the trees may sounds fun, it's less fun with a toddler whose legs won't keep walking!

It was a hot one so we got our apples and headed back home.  They're still at home but I've got plans for some apple muffins, baked apples, and I bet we could make some applesauce in the instant pot. That sounds like a thing, right?!

Here's to September 30th, and almost being October!

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