My December Wishlist

I had some major anxiety last week when it came to my son's December birthday.  I get it.  December birthday's are rough.  It's hard to make a December birthday special.  With three little ones I'm trying (and it's hard) to not be a martyr mother over here and actually request some items for my own December birthday.  Thanks to this book I've really tried to simplify our home and find more things I want to get rid of, than things I want.  So, with Christmas and Birthday's comes the tension of wondering what I'd really want to add to my list and to our stuff.

These items have been on my mind for awhile, and I think a few have already been crossed off. Affiliate links are used, however that means nothing to you, just a little kickback for me.  Your prices remain the same if you chose you want something yourself!

I got to meet Ruth of Gracelaced this fall and often think of the words she told me.  As someone who has this big creative draw in my life, and yet three little people I adore who suck much of my life and energy, she spoke truth to me.  I love her focus on seasons because we are definitely living in them, and I love this Abide Calendar.  She inspires me to read the Bible more and paint again, when it's my season. 

This watch.  Ever since Cotton Stem talked about it it's hit all the right buttons.  My Timex broke this year and my classic nice watch from middle school (!!) finally bit the dust and is beyond repair so I love this option.  It's on sale right now and I'm definitely considering hitting "add to cart" for an item next week from the boys.  Give me all the navy + rose gold please. 

The She Reads Truth Bible.  Why would I need another Bible?  I have several from middle school and college, but I've been so intrigued by this one and love the mission of She Reads Truth.  A sweet friend gifted it to me just last week and I love it.  There's a reading plan too so I've been going through Luke and each day it tells me which chapter to read, and then a few more verses to go along with the reading to study deeper.  It's only $22 on Amazon right now and so pretty! I love the poppy color.

Ain't no body like a homebody, am I right?!  I swiped this one up at Costco and it'll later be wrapped by my husband and I'll act surprised on my birthday.  I didn't peak inside yet but am excited to read through this! 

This Cutting Board.  I have a lot of cutting boards, but I love how pretty this one is for easy entertaining when I want to just throw things on a board, or for date nights in.  It's pretty enough to rest on the back of my kitchen wall too.  Really any of the marble + wood combos give me heart eyes.

I've been looking at weighted blankets for awhile now.  This company makes blankets made in the USA and you can get a code for $20 off.  I think this explains why I like all the comforters and blankets on me at night.  Does anyone use one of these?

Do you already have one of these wine tumblers?  I'm likely late to the game here. I think they'll be great for summer but let's be honest, I wonder if they'll keep my coffee hotter longer.  I like that this set has straws and a brush for smoothies on the go.

Cook Like a Pro by Ina Garten.  Need I say more?  Everything she makes is tasty.  

Write the Word Journal.  I've had a few of these and just haven't purchased another yet.  I'm due for one and actually considering some of them as gifts too.  If you are stretched thin on time I love how this leads you to write a Bible verse out, then pray.  It's simple and doable and for me and has helped me remember Bible verses better.

The Anti Inflammatory Slow Cooker Book.  Eating this way helps us all feel better.  I'm a fan of my slow cooker and definitely want to try these recipes out!  It's always helpful to eat well this time of year, then when you do have a treat, it's not like we've been fueling our bodies with foods all week that make us feel worse, they're all good nutritious and more important nurturing foods.

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