Advent at our House

I've never really gotten into the whole advent thing.  I didn't go to a church growing up that focused on it, and to be honest in these years with littles it's always felt like one more thing...until this year.  I now see advent as a time to put our focus on Christ, and I'm thankful for the easy and simple resources out there!

My boys are now 7, 5, and 2 and love a good countdown.  That, and I love them not asking every five minutes how many days until Christmas.  I wanted to share really quickly the simple things our family is doing in hopes that it'll encourage you- and because none of these require you to have started on the 1st!  You can hop right in anytime and know that with 19 days to go, there's still time to prepare Him room and turn your attention to what it is we are truly celebrating Christmas Day!

First up, I got these Advent Coloring Activity Books for $3 at Target.  I got them in November, but just saw them there the other day so I think you may still be able to find them!  Each day the boys have worked through a coloring activity sheet, and I love that it's reinforcing the number of days we have to go!

Second, chocolate advent calendar.  I don't know why we didn't do these before!  Many are only .99 and again, it's a fun and simple way to count down.  The chocolates are so tiny so I don't care if they eat them during breakfast!

Third, and most definitely my most favorite thing we've added this year are these Advent Perspective Cards to our Christmas traditions this year.  The boys are at the age now where I can ask questions at dinner and we get some good responses.  These were made by my friend's sister, Mom, and her friend and are only $10 + shipping!  There's no direct link I can send you to, but if you shoot me an email or send me a message I'm happy to put you in touch with them!  I love the questions these have on them.  Each night I've let the boys pick a card and then we end up reading the paragraph about the character and then the starred question which is geared more towards little kids.  You can really have these at any age though as the other questions are great for adults!

How is your Christmas season going?  I know with two birthdays in our family on top of all the Christmas things, it's a real struggle to keep things simple sometimes and just focus on the real meaning of the season! I think we are pretty much done with Christmas shopping and I'm gearing myself up for three weeks of the bigs having off from school!  Eeee...

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