Friday Favorites

I think I may look forward to Friday's in the Fall far more than I do in the Summer.  There's a pretty large piece of me that's a homebody and so even with little ones and no reality of sitting curled up with a hot cup of tea (unless they're asleep!) I still love these winter months.  

I love how our bodies during this time of year do crave the change and how nice it is to enter into a season surrounded around thankfulness, community, and friendship. I thought I'd hop back on here to share some Friday Favorites with you all.  Starting off with, Pumpkin Cookies.  In case you missed the recipe earlier this week on Instagram, you can find it here.  These are my go-to pumpkin cookie recipe, topped with maple cream cheese frosting of course!  We brought them to a friend's for dinner and while most were consumed there, I did sneak a few with some black coffee in the days to come.

What's Fall without some outdoor fun, right?  We happened upon a market near us with a hidden rickety slide and free fun for the boys.  There was nothing fancy about it, but you better believe they wanted to ride on the antique plane and slides more than they wanted to bounce in the inflatable bounce house.  We ended our afternoon with a country ham biscuit for a whopping $2!  Tucker declared it a wonderful sandwich earlier today and hopes to get back soon. :)  If you're local to Northern Virginia, pop in to Buckland's!

Do your kids want to snack all the time? I know it's not just mine.  This month I've been using Walmart for their grocery pickup (not an ad!) and adding lots of healthy items to the list.  I don't care if the boys eat fruits + veg before dinner and it's helping me feel better too.  Adios chips - I love you, but our body's feel much better fueled by these guys below.

 Can individual desserts be a favorite thing?!  What would it be like if your holidays looked like this?!  Oh my.  My friend knows how to throw a great event and I got to help her (with many others!) before hearing from Ruth of Gracelaced the other week.  What a treat. ;)  Grace's words have been so good for my soul.  Do you follow her?  Beautiful artwork + writings.  You don't have to be blooming to be growing she says, and to that I say, Amen! I may just need the cuff they just launched for Christmas...

Here's to Friday guys.  To a new season and one we're coming out of where the Lord has refined me and challenged me.  One where I've had to fight spiritual warfare harder than before.  One where I've leaned on Truth and all those Bible verses I've memorized over the years came flooding back.  I know that God is for me not against me.  I know he's for you too!  I know that my flesh may fail here on earth, there will be trials- we shouldn't be surprised by them-  and that he sends out an army to fight for me!  Happy weekend, Friends.  I'll be back Monday!

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