no surprise

Last month I signed up for an unlimited pass to a boutique workout gym near us.  After traveling a lot in June I knew July would be my month to try something like this.  The price made me feel like there was skin in the game, and my body told me after just a few sessions that it was worth going.

In that month I went to the classes about 12 times. I got stronger, felt better, and thought clearer.  I also realized something about habits and it's made me want to tackle this month, creating some new ones.

In a month school will have started, we'll be out the door as I write this post, and on with our day.  We'll be on the soccer fields, doing homework, starting at a new school, and we won't have all this empty space on our calendar.

There's a thing about new seasons that can slap us in our face.  We freak out and wonder where this schedule came from and why can't we survive.  I say we because I know I'm not the only one here who can feel that way.  I'm at a place in life where I really try to avoid those feelings.  I think we have the tools to say no to unnecessary crazy, and I think right now there are things on my heart I want to cultivate so that when September hits, I'm not curled up in the fetal position.

I've been using my Power Sheets from Lara Casey again this month because June taught me that when committed, habits can form and progress happens.  What can I say, it feels a bit like January in my mind right now as I have some things I want to make sure I'm doing each month, week, and day.

When I work out I feel better, eat better, think better.  I'm more motivated and confident.  I compare less and feel more alive in who I'm called to be.

Each day this month I'm committed to praying and reading the Bible, and for me, I'm going to try and do Pilates 4-6 days a week.  I've used and loved Robin's Pilates online for awhile now and continue to love it.  There's a great new meal planning feature which I'm tapping into as food is another thing we clearly love, but it fuels this family well, or negatively given too many sweets, or let's be honest, cheese.
Another thing I want to get back in the practice of is writing, in this space, when I can.  I'm going to try and do it 3-4 times a week.  Some days it will be hard, other days I'll feel inspired.  What I know is sometimes you have to push through the hard to craft your technique and to grow stronger.    

I'm going to miss this summer.  Today we have nothing on the calendar until 6:30 tonight.  That's almost 12 hours or empty space.  That surely won't be the case in a month, so I'll soak up the slow morning and lunch at the pool while I can.  When the 7 am drive to school happens though, I won't be surprised.

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