what mom's really want.

At this point in motherhood things that happen to me aren't as big of deal as they once were, and yet, I'm still learning.  This morning my toddler tried to escape gymnastics while I was talking to my son's coach, I fed my kids all the packaged snacks I once said "I would never do.." in the car and called it lunch, and then when we got home my one year old said "lunch."  Yah right kid- all those packaged snacks were your lunch.  Ok fine.  You can have a cheese stick.

It hit me while I was putting him down for his nap that us mom's aren't tired because of physical activity all the time, although yes, let us wear workout clothes all the time, it's because the mental capacity we need to keep up with all the things can be exhausting.  We return things and wash things and pack presents and feed families, work our minds at other jobs, and sometimes iron.  Oh, just me? There's a huge pile in my closet yelling at me.

Today at my son's school we were to send in something sweet or minty for our teachers.  I went the sweet route and made them draw pictures and write cards this morning.  Ya know what? The parking lot was packed today with all the mom's bringing in all the things for the teachers.  I'm here to balance things out.  We drew a picture.

And then, this weekend it's mother's day.  This holiday is an interesting one for me because I'm already thinking about Father's day and what we're going to do for that.  Here's what I know I don't want to do- dishes.  And so, we'll eat out some, maybe grill, maybe eat on paper plates.  Whatever it takes to keep the kitchen clean.

Presents are pretty typical when it comes to mother's day, right?  Flowers, a book, maybe something smelly.  Overall, I think Mom wants time- and to not have to do the dishes.

** note- this was written before mother's day and then my computer freaked out and I wasn't able to finish it and hit send.  I wanted to post it regardless, because I'm working on continuing to breathe life into this space.  Also, this picture is the only one I took on Mother's Day.  I asked for worms.  Nope.  

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