friday favorites

Here we go again.  It's been a chilly week here and I'm glad it's Friday.  It's opening weekend for the boys baseball teams so we get to see their first games and let's hope for some warmer weather.

This post will be a quick one before my oldest gets home, but before he does I wanted to share some things I've been loving this week.

1.  Creating More.  Before this post I had planned to sit down and get some work done, emails, look at the calendar, look at the budget.  I felt antsy.  SO. for about 25 minutes I painted.  It's not perfect but it's something.  It's a start.  It means I'm working in the right direction and for me, that's going to be a favorite this week.  Yesterday Tucker was antsy so he and I colored and drew and painted together too.  He loved it, and so did I.  Win win for mama and child while Evan napped and Anderson was at school.

2.  Keeping our Meal Plan Simple!   With two in baseball now and some commitments at church some evenings I've had to simplify meal planning big time.  So, here's what we do.  I think it's a lot of pressure to meal plan out everything or think you need to stick to a certain structure, but knowing a few days what we're doing has helped me breathe a little easier.  We do Taco Tuesday + Friday's we do frozen pizza and ice cream sundaes (and movie night).  The kids look forward to it and so do we!  Big meals can happen on a night we don't have baseball, or on the weekend. At least one night is going to be leftovers and I always have something easy on hand like kielbasa + sauerkraut or make a huge batch of sloppy joes for or from the freezer. This week we ate up a freezer lasagna as well, although we're leaning more and more lactose intolerant in this family so I'm going to be looking for some  freezer meals that don't contain cheese!

3. This Book.  I finished my first Kristin Hannah book and now I get all the hype.  I'm going to start Nightingale this weekend.

That's all she wrote for now, guys.  I hope next week I can tell you warm weather was my favorite, but for now being outside in the cold and wind is not up there on the favorites list.  Happy Weekend. Here's the sunshine + spring weather!


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