another snow day

 Well you guys, it looks like Spring is finally showing up.  Or Summer.  By the end of the week we'll be in the 80's and I may be with those of you who think Spring may skip up. It was snowing yesterday and before it's spring/summer I wanted to share these pictures.

I broke out the "good camera' for the one true snow day we had and I'm so glad I did.  It's on my mind to take this guy out more as the pictures it produces really are much better than those we take on our phones!

In true third child form, Benjamin let Evan go sledding by himself.  He of course had no clue what was happening, cried a little, then laughed.  It's funny how by the third we become much less stressed or worried!  

I of course tried to snap some pictures of the boys and failed.  Trying to get all three of them to coorperate is near impossible and why I'd find it very hard to pay a professional these days!  Our life in reality looks like two big boys trying to smile and an almost two year old whose fussing, trying to understand the boots, snow suit, and white stuff on the ground.

Thankfully this year he didn't get to know the stuff too well.  Here in Virginia it's more surprising that we had snow yesterday and that it's remained as cold as it has for this long.

Hurry up spring, we're ready for you!  Or Summer- we'll take that too- minus the heat + humidity.

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