Recent Instant Pot Recipes

At the end of December a friend of mine lent me her Instant Pot.  I still have it!  I've offered to buy it from her but here we are in February, me and my borrowed Instant Pot.

For my own sanity and organizational purposes I wanted to re-hash the recipes I've made.  I've saved a lot on Pinterest, but of course we don't always want to go back to them all.  When we first got this magic machine I was trying to make a lot thinking I'd give it back to her after Christmas.  Here we are and it's February.  Thanks, friend.

First up I should probably mention that I was totally freaked out and thought I would blow the house up with this guy.  I read a bunch of articles and maybe covered my ears the first time I used it.  If you haven't yet used an Instant Pot, do some googling and read some of those starter articles.  The basics I learned were that the valve needs to be on Sealing and that it takes time to come up to pressure.  You don't actually count down the clock of a recipe until it reaches pressure, and then you need to let it release, so this isn't a true 45 minutes from start to finish pot roast situation.

I do love that it's a real set it and forget it situation.  I've made hard boiled eggs a couple times a week in it now and have loved that while dinner is cooking I can be cleaning up the kitchen, setting the table, etc.  Similar to the slow cooker you have a good one pot situation.

On to the recipes..

Instant Pot Pasta Fagioli- this was delicious and absolutely needs to make the rotation again soon. I used canned beans because I wanted a true "set it and forget it" and didn't soak beans beforehand.

Taco Shredded Chicken.  We've made this more times than I can count.   I'm sure you're thinking you can do this in the slow cooker but we find the chicken to be much more tender when done this way and not rubbery.

Instant Pot Red Beans and Rice.  Something never did I ever eat growing up--but when you marry someone from the South this is like Sloppy Joe's to a Midwesterner.  Super comfort food and a good recipe to make in a pinch, especially if you're like me and make sure you always have a kielbasa or some chicken sausage situation on hand..

Beef Cabbage and Tomato Soup.  I doubled this one and was able to freeze a bunch.  I added some more spices but overall this was a good soup for the winter when you're over chili chili chili...

Beef Stew.  My life did not change per the recipe, and it's not as thick as a traditional stew might be, but a good recipe and something I'd make again.

I'd love to branch out some more and am curious which recipes you love!  I try to share as I go on my Facebook Page and Instagram Stories what we're making!  What are your faves?! Do you have an Instant Pot? Think you need one? Or swear you never would...?!

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