This weekend I get to head to the sunshine for a quick couple of days.  I'll be back Sunday afternoon super exhausted, but also defrosted.

You know that feeling in Spring when the sun hits your shoulders and you drop what you "should" be doing and sit outside for lunch and feel warm sun on your skin?! It's been awhile--- and I'm so thankful and excited to get to feel it soon.

This will be the first time I've been this far from my kids...ever.  It also marks the first time I've ever taken a flight without them with me.  Last week I got to be in Ohio for about the same period of time away, so I think that was a good teaser for me.  This time I'll be much further, and praying for safety and no illness for all!

There was a season of life when I knew I couldn't or wouldn't or didn't want to be away from them---and that was okay.  This season I know they'll be just fine with daddy, that the sun will feel delightful (to say the least) and that in coming home I know I'll be that much more thankful for my family and for our normal- which isn't quiet or currently warm, or includes pineapple drinks poolside.

Catch ya back on Monday- hopefully not sunburned... ;)

*cute pineapple print available at Minted.

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