Sunday Supper

We've gotten into a rhythm of sorts with our meals.  I know that if we have a sport one night, that'll mean I need either a Slow Cooker or Instant Pot meal because dinner has to be done and on the table at 5.  Friday's now mean Pizza night, and Saturday's are cinnamon rolls.  Sunday's for me growing up meant a big meal after church, something I want to do for our family now.

This year I've not only given in, but embraced the reality of this season.  Friday I am tired, and so yes- frozen pizza and ice cream sundae's it is. The boys know they'll get a big dessert on Friday nights which has helped eliminate them asking for ice cream throughout the week.  The knowledge that dinner is easy Friday allows me to know I'll actually be able to do movie night and sit and watch with them, as opposed to cleaning dishes. 

Saturday morning we may let one another sleep a little longer, so canned cinnamon roll's are the easiest go-to for whichever parent is up and able to turn on the oven first.  Maybe we'll have bacon or sausage, but that's been the easiest thing for us right now.  I love making pancakes and waffles, but again, this go-to allows us to wake up and actually drink hot coffee in the morning.  Small things that add up to sanity savers!

Sundays I want to take the chance to throw something in the slow cooker before church, or know a roast will go in when we're home.  At this point in winter we've had our fare share of pot roast and chili so I'm trying to think of something fresh.

Something I love about blogging, and having done this since 2008 (!!) is that I can look back and be reminded of recipes I've made.  This post about 8 slow cooker recipes I love was good for me to remember, and then there's the Slow Cooker Spaghetti recipe here

Maybe Sundays should be Spaghetti?  I don't think so.  My kids don't love the tomato sauce so I don't think that would stick- also Benjamin and I don't love spaghetti.  Minor thing to consider.

For tomorrow I've decided we're going to try this Instant Pot Chicken and Broccoli.  I'll likely make rice in the instant pot first, and then this.  I'll make sure we have some snacks on hand for ravenous children after church, and since our Instant Pot is an 8 quart, I'll double it and know we've got lunch for Monday too.  1 pound of chicken really doesn't stretch far enough so whenever I can double something I will- leftovers or stocking the freezer for the win! 

Do you make a bigger meal on Sunday's? What are your favorite go-to's?!


  1. Are you still borrowing the IP? Seems like you need to take the plunge... I have to say, I couldn't live without mine.

    1. Ha yes! I’ll message you why we still have it! I too am hooked!