Starting here.

I've written this post a million times in my head.  I debated about doing a new years post at all, then thought about others things I want to write about, then came back to here.  New Year's posts can be super cliche, but then I kept thinking- rythmns and seasons and the hope of something NEW isn't bad at all.  I think it's a good thing, and I think we're created to feel this way.

After the beginning of December, which felt too full (and not in the filling way), it felt good to hit pause the last two weeks of December.  It felt nice to not worry about school schedules or gifts to bring in, projects to complete, or cookies to make.  That was nice, but what wasn't was feeling like I was so spent from the first two weeks that I didn't have the energy I wished I would have to make the cookies or the Christmas breakfast I wanted to make.

I don't feel bad about these things a ton.  My kids loved Christmas, and our breakfast was great- and planned out by my dad!  I think "we" (a collective 'we' of Mom's of young kids---or old kids) put too much pressure on ourselves about what things are to look like.  We all know what real life looks like, but I'm not really writing about looks here, I'm more trying to get to how we feel and if we're at peace and have the energy to do what we are made for.  Are things filling us up and helping us to grow, or are they down right draining?

I just bought 4 cans of cinnamon rolls from the store.  You know what our Saturday mornings will look like?  Cinnamon rolls from a can.

Simplify.  No surprise to anyone who follows me on Instagram that I'm a big fan of Emily Ley and absolutely love her book A Simplified Life.  I can't recommend it enough and based on how much so many other's have loved it (I think it was #3 on Amazon!) I think we're yearning to do just that.

Back to writing doesn't seem simple.  Back to feeding my soul gives me life.  So- being back in this space was a really simple answer for me to the longing I'd been feeling.  I've lost count of the number of notes I've written to blog.  I've felt fear and anxiety coming back to this place.  Before I opened up this tab I wanted to go look at some blogs who started when I did, but then I stopped myself.  When I hit pause on this site it was a season, and it was clear that's what I was supposed to do.  But now, I really miss this space and I want back.  Readers or not, I'm here.  It feeds my soul and not doing it feels in a way like telling that still small voice "shhh...not today...I'm not that good...maybe later."

So- here we are.  Day by day.  Chasing Simple. (that means canned cinnamon rolls on Saturdays- oh and frozen pizza on Fridays!)

p.s.  Card above done by Postable.  Simple because they mail the cards for me, and remind me when friend's birthdays are! All the praise hands for that one.

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