for the love of the big box

There was a time in my life when I didn't have a Costco Membership.  I know. There was a time I told my Mom to stop telling me how great it was and that I was fiiiine and that I just went to Target and Wegmans and we were good. 


I love me some Costco now.  Love because they have absolutely heard the voice of the people with what they stock, and love because it saves money, like only it can.

So, for that friend who just got a membership, here are some things I love there, in no particular order.

  •  Frozen Foods
    • massive bag of frozen veggies.  my kids love these.
    • Lots of options of lunches on the go. We like the ramen bowls and they've had some good burrito bowl options.  So much cheaper than if my husband has to eat out and ends up paying too much for something simple.  
    • Great price on frozen shrimp + salmon

  •  Fresh Foods
    • Bagged salad! That kale/cranberry slaw will be your life
    • Rotisserie Chicken- already off the bone!  This can be hard to find but I'm sure it's there.  I think I paid about $12 and got 8 cups chopped.  Saves time for freezer meals and it's super moist.  I've heated it up for fajitas or it's great for protein atop that new bagged salad you're gonna love. :)
    • I always grab apples here.

  • Clothes
    • this is my go-to now for socks, pajamas, and picking up a random dress shirt here and there for Benjamin.
    • I got my winter long, down, puffy jacket there for $39!
    • I always get the boys snow pants/jacket combo here- buy early as they sell out!
    • kid athletic clothes- name brands for much cheaper 
    • I got a thermal pair of leggings that are awesome- no need to spend the big bucks

  • Household Items- 
    • great place to stock up on wipes and cleaners (they have everything from your typical brands to free and clear lines)  I get hand soap here.  You may think you're using Mrs. Meyers, but that ship has sailed. ;)
    • Trash bags, paper towels, you get the gist.

  •  Randoms
    • Movie Tickets
    • Windshield wipers, light bulbs, diapers, etc.  They really have it all.. :)  

  • Canned good
    • green beans, diced tomatoes, black beans.  It comes out to super cheap per can and I always have these on hand for chilies or soups or an easy veg for the kids.

  • Healthy options
    • Nature's Bakery Fig Bars- great for kids and me on the go
    • mass amounts of things like Coconut Oil, Chia Seeds, Nut Butters (and peanut butter), Quinoa- so much cheaper than what I see at the grocery store.
    • They have a lot of healthy snack options by the chips- like apple chips, etc. 
I think that's it.  Apart from the obvious SAMPLES and CHURROS of course.  We get our tires for the most part from here too!

OH and little secret- that's where I got my Christmas cards from this year!  No one knew because they didn't say Costco anywhere (who cares if they did!) and they were loads cheaper than any other options I saw- they were delivered quickly, nice card stock and envelopes too!

The above picture has nothing to do with Costco other than the fact that I couldn't find the picture of my kids in it, decided I was done scrolling, and chose this picture instead- because as an adult, maybe going into Costco will feel similar as jumping into a ball pit. ;)

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