A Letter to You on your first day of Kindergarten

Dear Anderson,
Today you started Kindergarten.  You're a big boy now.  No more lunches at home with me during the week.  No more lazy weekday mornings.  I thought I'd be a slobbery mess this morning, and there's no doubt the emotions have gotten the best of me earlier this week.  But today, seeing you so proud and ready, marching into that kindergarten hallway, hanging your backpack and taking your folder into your classroom, it could not have been more clear just how ready you are.  I could wish you would stay little forever, and for as many wonderful sweet memories we've had, I don't wish to go back for a minute this morning because I'm oh-so proud of you sweet boy.  You're ready and I can't wait to see all that you'll learn and explore this year--the friends you'll make and lessons you'll learn.  Some will come easy, others not so.  One thing I know, I hope you'll always know how much we love you. I hope you'll always come to us when something's just not right. I hope you'll always know how much Jesus loves you and I hope you always feel this same confidence to walk boldly into each new chapter of your life. 
I love you sweet boy.  Here's to your first day!
Love, Mommy.

(photos from this book..although we read this one last night)

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