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smack dab

We're smack dab in the middle of summer.  We've been in summer mode since mid May, and we've got til a week into September.  We're sandwiched right in the middle, and it's a good place to be.  We still have the ocean to visit and a long car ride (or 2) to take.  I have yet to feel like "man I wish school would start" so yeah, I'd say we're doing good.  Summer so far has consisted of swimming most every morning, long naps in the afternoon by the youngest member, and a major lack of drama.

Just the other day I was telling Benjamin how I like not seeing people as much.  Introvert alert.  He laughed and reminded me he'd still like to see people and have them over.  I agree and am thankful for more space in our home to do that, but I also like not feeling like we're racing between activities and am a bit curious how yet another new season will go this year with 2 in school and 2 in sports.  I don't want to run ragged and want to make sure …