Starting Here

It's almost been three years since I last blogged.  Truth is, I don't need one more thing to add to my plate right now.  Truth is also that I blog in my head.  I miss this space and the creative process that writing allows me and so, I'm starting here.  Starting back perhaps, but then again we'll see...

I'm not quite sure how often I'll write and what all about, but I do know a few things.  The world is ever changing and oh-so quickly these days.  It's hard to keep up and even when you think you are even a little bit something changes.  I can't even begin to think about this space in a sense of "my intent is to be some big time blogger or get noticed." It's not.  My intent is to share my heart and what I'm learning. To write and process and be ok if no one reads it.

Truth is, there are many writers who have gone before me and for awhile I told myself this lie that you could all find the things they've written and there was no need for me to add to that pile of words.  Truth is, that's a lie.  I believe my words matter, not because I think highly of myself, but because I know God does- that He creates us all for a purpose- and if you were telling me you weren't going to go do something because someone else was doing something similar and you thought better, I'd go tell you you were crazy and to look away, blinders on, and just go be you.  The world needs us all- unique as we all are.

A lot has changed in the past three years.  When I last wrote my mother in law was coming to live with us, Tucker was a baby, and I had no clue what season we were entering into.  Since that time we've been through several seasons, all of which I'm too tired to process through writing right now.  I'm sure they'll come out somehow and some time in this space, but not tonight.

For now, I'll share that we've added another little boy to our family, and that for now I'm going to leave their faces out of this.  Quite the opposite of how this blog started sharing weekly updates on Anderson, but he's bigger now and this is too public of a space for me to want to share him like that.

If you're out there still, here I am.  If not, it's ok- this still felt good.  To write, to process, to type on the keyboard and hit "publish."

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