Saying Yes to God

It seems about time to share a bit more of my personal journey these days.  About my faith and about saying yes to God.

Earlier I spoke about not sharing our personal story on here and there are parts that will remain unknown for the sake of privacy and family matters but there are parts which I want to share and feel like I should because once again, I think God's asking me to.

His voice was heard one day in the shower- about the only time my mind is somewhat clear and focused.  He was asking me to say yes, to ask my mother-in-law to come stay with us and more importantly to not ask Him for how long.

I have a toddler.  I know how annoying whining can be when we ask for things we can't have the answer to and so I knew whining to God would be similar- pretty annoying.  I needed to trust my heavenly Father with the answers when He wanted to give them to me.

My mother-in-law was at a cross roads.  She wasn't sure where she'd be living once my sister-in-law got married in January and she needed to be near good medical care given her history of a massive brain bleed and now current seizure disorder.  We had a newborn and toddler and before this conversation in the shower with God I had considered our house to be an option that simply wouldn't work.

But then God reminded me of the Bible.  He reminded me of the faith I claimed I had- about the Spirit He has given me to do much more than I can do on my own- about the truth that I am to walk by Faith and not by Sight.

And so I said to my husband...

"I think we're supposed to invite your Mom to come stay with us- and I don't think we're supposed to ask about all the stipulations..."

I kept thinking, "Did Noah say, 'ok God I'll build the boat but how long is that going to take? and how long will it rain? and how long will we be on the water?"  I don't think so.

Time and time again we read in the Bible about people who say yes and then go.  We don't read about their whining and foot stomping and kicking and screaming.  Even at 30 I could be tempted to do so in my heart when asked to do something hard.

"Go sell everything then come and follow me..." Matthew 19:21

Sure- sounds easy enough.  Not a problem, God.

Growing up I had high hopes that I would say Yes to God- whatever you want Lord, no problem.

But saying Yes is sometimes hard and when I did Satan was quick to come into my mind telling me I'd never have time with my family again, that we'd never this and that etc etc etc.  He still comes in and tells me these things in hopes of discouraging me.

And yet, I said yes and was at peace with it.  My husband said yes and was at peace with it.  We said yes and are trusting God.  It's not easy, but it's what we are called to do right now, not asking God about His time frame of what this all will mean for us next month or next year, but trusting Him today and praising Him that He has gone before us.

As my pastor growing up said and a phrase that often rings true in my ears now "Our times are in His hands..."

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