What I'm Into: February Edition

My friend Lesley of Barefoot on 45th did a "what I'm into January Edition" last month and I thought it was such a good idea I had to do the same.  I'm always interested in what other bloggers are into, be it books or beauty supplies so I thought I'd share what I'm into as of February.

1.  Sally Hansen Complete Manicure Nail Polish.

I've been into this for awhile and find it to be the only nail polish where I only need 2 coats- no base, no top coat, it last the longest through baths and dishes, and there are lots of great colors.  I have to refrain from getting more until I use up a few bottles.  It's also around $6 which makes it appealing.

2.  Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick

I needed a lipstick this winter that would act like chapstick but have a lot of color.  I basically look like a new person when I have lipstick on (aka I look alive) and this one has been a winner.  I wear Softsilver Rose and like it for a pop of pink.

3.  Bread and Wine.

No surprise here I've really been into this book and gifted it twice this past month as well.  Think a Christian version of A Homemade Life.  To make me love it more I'm 99.9% sure Shauna went to my alma mater, Westmont College!

4.  Margerum M5

This wine reminds me of Santa Barbara and specifically of tasting it with Benjamin outside Curtis Winery before we were engaged on one of his trips there.  Doug Margerum himself poured it for us.  We picked some up and have been enjoying a glass once Anderson is in bed.  Cheers to red wine!

5.  28 Days of Pilates

A friend from college started The Balanced Life a bit ago and this past month did 28 Days of Pilates, a challenge in February to do 5-10 minute videos she created each day.  Although I failed to do them all I'm thankful they're around on her site for when I have only a few minutes to get my body moving.  I'm also super proud of her- Cameron Diaz's new site the Body Book picked up her challenge as well.  Big time!!

6.  Naptime Diaries Prints

I saw this shop was having a sale last month and got one print for us, and one for a friend to put in her son's room.  I'm sure it wasn't what the three year old was hoping to receive but his parents were thankful and I love the message this gives to our little guys.

What have you been into?  I haven't ordered it yet but I'm anticipating being into this book, Hands Free Mama in March- have you read it yet?

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  1. 1. I love your list!
    2. Shauna went to Westmont. Know you can be 100% sure. :)
    3. I love a good new wine! Thanks!