let's catch up

I can't believe a month has gone by since I blogged, but then again I can believe it.  I've hardly had time for myself these days so finding time to blog has been hard as well.  We're "in the trenches" as some other Mom's have told me with a 2.5 year old, almost 4 month old, husband in grad school, and as of this weekend my mother in law is visiting us for a bit.  Life is full and busy and Praise the Lord (!!!!) it is finally feeling like spring outside today.

This past month we have been real over the snow and hope yesterdays sitings were the last we see until Christmastime.  We made it to a local winery with everyone else the one day recently that it was warm, and we've explored some around our still new-ish country surroundings as well.

We've found a great restaurant we love, a lovely little bakery, and are thankful still for this house and season we are in, although I'll be happy when grad school is over- one more year!

I know this time will be gone before we know it - Anderson is growing up so fast it seems and Tucker is right there behind him.  I love each of their stages, though of course they each have their moments.  I tell Anderson his whining really hurts my ears and Tucker still hasn't figured out going to sleep to the point where I'd feel like Benjamin and I could safely leave for dinner alone.  Soon I'm sure we'll be able to.

In cooking news we're living off freezer meals.  I'm thankful to have a friend who I cook batch freezer meals with and last week I added to our supply but making some meals that are frozen then just need to thaw and go into the slow cooker for easy dinners with the warming temperatures.  We'll see how they all taste but it feels good to have dinners done in advance for sure.  I used recipes from the site All Things Katie Marie.  I also made and froze Pioneer Woman's Cinnamon Rolls and although they were delicious warm I wouldn't make and freeze them again.  Any cinnamon roll recipe suggestions?

That's all for now but I hope to be back again real soon... with recipes and pictures of my almost four month old if you don't mind...

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