tucker and me : 2 months

Tucker is most definitely our second child.  I have few pictures of myself with him so when Anderson was napping I asked Benjamin to take some pictures of us.  This babe keeps getting bigger and I know time will continue to fly so I must preserve some of these memories in photo-form.  

As Anderson would say, "He's getting bigger and bigger and bigger!"

Tucker is a really sweet and good baby.  He coo's and smiles more than I remember Anderson ever doing.  He's a little social bug it seems and he may take after his daddy in more than just his looks.  He wants to be held all the time and has given us more sleep than I remember Anderson giving us as well.  I'm usually only up once and when it's more than that I'm pretty upset which is quite ridiculous.  

He eats well and often and even takes a bottle- something his brother never did.  Granted he's only taken maybe 3 so we'll have to keep giving him one once and awhile.  He also uses a pacifier, something Anderson never took because of his nursing issues.  I don't mind it most of the time except for when we're driving and I can't put it back in, or when I think about having to go put it back in if he wakes up because it comes out.  I really don't want to have to go back into his room to keep popping the paci back in and am contemplating weeding it out sooner than later.  Thoughts?

I am very thankful for this sweet boy whose little personality keeps 
shining through with each smile and coo.  

Love you, Tucker!  xoxo Momma


  1. What sweet pictures of you with your little man! Two things-- one, I barely have time to blog right now too. I hate it. :( I love to write as my outlet but everything (exercise, writing, blogging, etc.) has been hard since Owen was born. He's been much needier than Anna. I know it's a season...but it's a tough one! Also, he took a paci and Anna never did. We weaned him from it at around 5.5 months because it was causing big night time sleep issues for us. To be honest, he has always been a problem sleeper but we did get into a phase where the paci was working to get him back to sleep, so we just embraced it. "Do what works until it doesn't" was my mantra. But then he was waking more and more and more, so we took it away. I'm actually relieved. He's not a perfect sleeper yet, but he's much, much better. So, my advice is: Do what works until it doesn't! Lots of love from one tired mama to another!

    1. Thanks, Lesley- good mantra indeed! I sometimes think of how you had Anna propped up in her carseat in the crib when she was little. They all grow up and out of things, right?!

  2. Laura... your boys are so cute! I so wish I were closer to get to know them and to hold them! When my kids were babies we called the pacifiers binkys. haha 2 of the 3 of my kids liked them. The oldest one I think we took it away too soon. Now he is always chewing on pens, water bottle caps, etc. So it makes me wonder. The youngest we let her give it up and she did when she was ready and that was the end of it. She does not chew on things like her brother. :) She also slept with about 3-4 binkys in the crib.... when she woke up and needed one, she had to find it and it worked. Just a thought. The middle one sucked her thumbs...yes both of them. She also gave it up when she didn't need it anymore. Anyway, that's what worked for us. I like what Lesley says.... do what works until it doesn't. sounds like a plan to me.

    1. Thanks so much for the advice. Every kid is so different! We will see what Tucker does- for now he will act sometimes like he doesn't want it, but then cry again too and with another one I'd sometimes rather just give him the paci so he will go to sleep before Anderson runs in the room and wakes him up!


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