snow day so far...

Anderson has got this snow day thing figured out.  Relax, play in the snow, have hot chocolate (with marshmallows of course) and... repeat.  

I wasn't going to believe we'd actually get snow until everyone freaked out.  They sufficiently freaked out and we sufficiently got snow.  Good job everyone.

Anderson had fun in the snow although it's a bit more than he's used to and Tucker was awake for us long enough to take these pictures and is back to relaxing.  Good job, champ.

The boys are watching Toy Story 3 - Anderson's new favorite (even more than the movie Cars) and I'm going to take a shower- a wise decision for me these days.  We'll also most likely have the Olympics on all day.  I'm pretty sure most parents enjoy Olympic season because it means good viewing for everyone.   

Stay warm folks and remember- relax, hot chocolate, repeat.

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