We're making it through another cold week around here. Tucker is now TWO months and showing us he's got quite the happy personality. He smiles and coos more than I remember his brother doing and according to the Sears side he resembles Benjamin a lot!  

thankfully Anderson is a homebody and hasn't minded days at home but I sure am ready to get outside and let him run at parks as opposed to running into his brother. I'm sure both will happen as it warms up but hey, I'll chose naivety for today. 


In other news I'm thankful it's February. Valentines is a holiday I can get behind and this year I can only hope Anderson and I are able to sit down and make valentines some day soon.

Speaking of, a woman in my bible study said she's putting a heart on her kids and husbands door each day leading up to Valentines Day with something she loves about them. That's a sweet and achievable tradition I'd like to start even if we are 5 days late.

How are you getting through this winter?  It's felt like a long one around here. 

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