channeling your inner super mom

When your toddler is sick and your almost-three-month-old would rather sleep in your bed than theirs, you only have one thing to do- channel your inner super mom.

I have a friend who has five kids.  I couldn't help but think of her this morning as I took a 2 minute shower.  How many nights has she had like the one we just did?  Accumulatively, how many months?  Anderson has a very runny cold and an ear infection. He was in our bed around 4:30 asking for kleenex and to read a book.  Before that he was up a couple times.  Tucker was up throughout the night nursing of course and around 5:00 when he was becoming restless he found himself by Benjamin's side while Anderson and his snot-nose cuddled up to me.

Praise the Lord on days like today for coffee, for tea, for Mom's that come help with doctor visits, for natural medicine that may or may not help and for movies.


  1. OH, La. Hang in there. I promise it gets better. xoxoxo Allison G.

  2. Thanks, Allison- I know it will!