amanda + josh: wedding day

Amanda and Josh's wedding day was nothing short of beautiful.  They had amazing friends who put all the details together for them making for a day we won't soon forget.  I took pictures as we were getting ready and then failed to take the camera into the beautiful reception.  I'm not sure I would have had a moment to take pictures though as it was quite the effort keeping an eye on Anderson and Tucker- not that Tucker is mobile of course but he was either nursing, or in the arms of someone else.  

Anderson was WAY too precious standing up at the pulpit and opening the Bible there.  At one point he said, "And then... this happened.  The end."  If the kid's a pastor these pictures will most definitely come back.

Anderson and his cousin Scarlett apparently did a great job as flower girl and ring bearer.  I missed it all and soon took Anderson to the back of the church after he completed his duty and clearly could not sit still or quiet in the second row.  We decided showing him pictures on our phones would be a good quiet pastime until Santa showed up and he said, "Ho ho Ho...Meeeerrry Christmas!"  I sure hope we were the only ones who heard that...

Apart from that he did well considering he had no nap all day and we kept him up later than we should have for dinner afterwards.  I will admit the iPad most definitely has become his pacifier of sorts and sometimes it's one of those things that is ok and the only way we're going to enjoy a meal out with family and friends, especially when he's beyond exhausted.

Merry Marriage Amanda and Josh!!

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