post-baby nursing style

nursing dress from zulily.
I find that when you're pregnant you can find a lot of cute things to wear.  There are many stores that offer maternity styles and in my case friends with cute clothes who have let me borrow them.  I haven't had to buy much when it comes to maternity clothes and for that I am thankful.

another Zulily find
However, after the baby things get tricky.  It takes time to lose all the weight and in my case I have about two pair of pants right now that fit me.  There are always leggings, but let's remember that leggings are not pants.  I write this as I'm wearings leggings because my one pair of jeans needs to stay spit-up free for Bible Study tomorrow morning.

Zulily yet again
If all goes well with Tucker I'll be nursing him for probably about as long as I did Anderson, 18 months or so, which means I've got to consider nursing tops for the next year or more.  Although many people don't mind just wearing regular tops, I do like to have a few nursing friendly things in my closet and have been on the hunt for some for those days when we're out and about and a clever top is just what I need.

I'm currently wearing this sweater all the time and wishing that I had more nursing friendly attire.  Zulily is tempting me big time today with some great finds... we'll see if anything works out.  In the meantime, I'll keep my search on and add things to my maternity style board on Pinterest.

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  1. Well, that sent me down a long rabbit hole on Zulily... I usually employ the "two shirts" method for nursing, but these tops are really cute!!