our sibling situation so far

It's funny that with number two I've been asked more about how Anderson is doing than how Tucker is doing.  I suppose Anderson's well being affects our family a lot!  I do think that taking care of a toddler seems to be harder work than the baby during many moments throughout the day.

In short, we are doing really well.  Anderson is doing really well.  He loves Tucker so much so that we have to tell him he can't kiss him so much on his face, especially when that means he's rubbing his runny nose all over him, and that his hugs, although meant to be loving, need to be much more careful.

If he comes down from his nap to us he usually says, "Hi Mommy!  Hi Baby!!" and then wants to hold him or just tackle him with more kisses and hugs.  In the beginning he kept telling us that Tucker was his baby.  We tried to tell him Tucker was our baby, but really Tucker was God's baby.  Clearly this concept was a bit much and one we didn't enforce much more, especially after the pediatrician told us it's better to hear "my baby" than "my mommy."

I do love Anderson's love for his brother and know pretty soon he'll be making him laugh with his antics.  I for one can laugh now at these pictures- Anderson running circles around a very still and perplexed newborn baby brother.  His baby. 

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