our days in pictures

One morning not too long ago I was upstairs with Tucker, putting on makeup, suspecting that Anderson was happily watching Curious George downstairs.  Not so.  He was helping himself to the whole box of cereal. The kid gets points as none of it fell on the floor.

For nap time Anderson thought Tucker would stay in bed with him.  I'll bring this picture up if he ever fights the fact that they'll be sharing a room.

Do newborn cuddles get any better?  They do not.  Last week at a Mom's group another lady asked if she could hold him so I could go get something to eat.  I told her no.  She asked if it was something she said and I reminded her that I have a two year old which limits my time to just snuggle snuggle snuggle.  I didn't say snuggle three times though.

As much as I'd sometimes like some pink and boys in my life, little boy clothes are pretty adorable.  

As are their smiles.  I really think he smiles at us and that it's not just baby gas.  I'm probably also biased.  We also think we may see a dimple coming. We can only hope.  

Although I usually opt for sugary banana bread this whole wheat low sugar option was delicious and something I'll need to make again.  I've already posted the recipe here.

In conclusion- newborn snuggles... the best.

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