I can't believe it's already January 13th mainly because time is flying and I haven't had but ten minutes to even get on the computer.  This is life with a newborn and toddler.  I vow not to complain and know it's just a very busy season for us all.  

Tucker and Anderson both seem to be growing like weeds to me.  Our days are full and go by quickly, except for when they don't. :)  The evenings can sometimes be the most exhausting for me and once Tucker is finally down I quickly hop into bed and swear I am asleep within minutes of my head hitting the pillow.

We took a family adventure the other weekend to go snow tubing for Anderson.  It was an adventure in itself just getting out of the house but once we did we were glad for the scenery and to get out of the house after several days in because of the frigid temperatures.

Anderson loved the tubing and Benjamin loved that the ski slopes looked more decent than we were both expecting.  I know he'll be back...

As for cooking we have been doing that, making Ina's easy tomato soup and this morning weelicous cookies for a playdate.  

Baby is up so I must go but I do hope to get back on this here interweb blog space before too long!

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  1. Enjoyed these posts and pictures! Thanks!