another nonsensical post from a greasy haired momma


This whole world of blogging as a Mom is an interesting one. Although I originally thought I'd only share photos of the kids  here and there we all know they are here there and everywhere. I can't help but share with you my adventures in motherhood- nursing, sleeping, and yes, even still what we eat.  

Finding time to write out recipes here is still a challenge but believe me, we're still cooking and as soon as tucker decides he can have an earlier bedtime than nursing non stop at night I plan to get back to the computer screen. For now I'm blogging from my phone once again during some spare moments. 

Let's note that in this picture I may look put together but my trial of real clothes would not fly outside our house as that skirt was still way too tight and my attempts at this high knot bun so many moms casually rock literally made my greasy hair hurt, a complaint I thought Anderson was making up the other day to prolong bedtime.

And so, I leave you with that. Another nonsensical post from a greasy haired momma. 

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