tucker's first two weeks

We made it to two weeks!  After Anderson  I realized that the first two weeks with a baby are hands down much harder than labor (in my experience.)  Sure you have adrenaline that gets you through the first few sleepless nights but then reality hits, exhaustion sinks in, and in this case taking care of a toddler as well really takes man-to-man defense.  Having my parents around to help every day with Benjamin in the midst of finals and now out of town to be with his Mom during brain surgery this week has been crucial.  If it weren't for them I'd in no way be writing this post right now as both kids are napping and I should seriously be in bed too.

Tucker really is a good baby.  I asked for a fully-cooked nursing baby and that's what I got.  He was tongue-tied which we realized at his 3 day appointment and took care of on day 5 at a pediatric ENT, but otherwise he's been a champ.  Since getting the tongue-tie taken care of he's nursed better and is already over his birthweight, only fitting into a few newborn onesies anymore and already into size 1 diapers.

Although we couldn't quite tell who he looked like at first he is most definitely his Daddy's little boy, looking more and more like Benjamin.

As for Anderson it is definitely an adjustment.  It was great to have Benjamin home when we did so that he could take him to run errands or play out in the snow.  He loves the baby but is also doing some of what I expected- his sleep has regressed, he's becoming more independent, and as we say he is often "testing testing" us on a number of things.  It's not fun feeing like I'm telling him "NO" all the time, but on the other hand we have to nip this behavior in the bud and not let it continue!  

Ok, now it really is nap time for me.  As we say to Anderson, "night night..."


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  1. Congratulations, Laura! He's so precious! I recognize that cute H&M onesie. I was sad Owen only fit into it for a few weeks. Love to your sweet family.