preserving Christmas memories

 I started this post when I had about 30 seconds before Anderson came down from his nap and I am told, "hold me, hold me Mommy.."  As I'm writing this I have about two minutes before Tucker will be hungry again.  I still don't know how many Mom's keep up with their blogs and I'm convinced it's because they have school age children.

Now, Christmas is over but with New Years still ahead I'd say many are still in the holiday spirit.  It's worth posting these pictures to me to preserve the memories of Tucker's first Christmas when Anderson showed him the lights on the tree, "Look Baby!" and when he sweetly sat for me when I asked him to.  I'll also preserve that sweet two year old face holding his baby brother that is getting older looking by the day.

Some memories from this Christmas which aren't captured will remain with me as well.  Namely, Christmas eve service where I stood in the back of the balcony, swaying my newborn, singing Silent Night, and looking down at a grandmother with her hymnal open singing with her grandson.  It took about everything in me to not start crying right then and there.  Of course my Mom then said, "did you cry?!"  I was a December baby so she can still recall the very real hormones a new mom experiences.

What Christmas memories will you hold onto this year?


  1. I totally hear you on not having enough time to blog, let alone time to ANYTHING, these days. :) My favorite Christmas memory was similar to yours...Christmas Eve service. Jonathan rocked Owen to sleep during the service and all four of us worshipped together. Brought tears to my eyes. Oh, and then Owen woke up at 5:45am on Christmas morning so I held him on the couch and thought about all the early Christmas mornings of past and to come. My sister was up early due to jet lag and we whispered and caught special. Merry Christmas to you all!

    1. Love it! Merry merry and happy 2014!