if I were going out for new years

photo from anthropologie

If I were going out for new year's I'd want to wear this dress.  It's festive yet understated.  It's got sparkle but not too much.  It can be simple or pop with some bright lipstick and high high heels.

I won't be going out for new year's though.  I'll be in pajama's fighting my new 9 PM bedtime and watching Homeland.  I won't be eating anything fancy either, though someday I'll be back to cooking fancy things and going out (Benjamin hopes..).  

New Year's can seem worse than Valentine's Day to many.  I can understand why.  So much pressure for one day, one night.  It's really stressful just thinking about it.

Whether you're out on the town or home wearing your pajamas, do what you want, worry about yourself, and have yourself a happy eve ringing in the new year, even if you're sleeping when that happens (I make no promises..)

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