our halloween

Hello All.  I'm still here, alive, and very pregnant.  Some projects have taken up all my free time and I've just now downloaded pictures and opened up my computer after what feels like weeks.

We survived Halloween last week and I'm happy to say Anderson wasn't too into it.  Of course this picture of him may look otherwise, but when the evening came he was overall pretty scared by some of the costumes and not too much of a candy person.  I told him he could have two pieces and he didn't really mind that he couldn't have more, even spitting out some stuff he didn't like.  

Let's be honest though, if people just gave out fruit snacks he'd be in heaven.  Those treats are reserved for Nammie's house only and not something we have at home.

After a couple houses he wanted to go home, drink milk, and watch a show before bedtime.  Fine with me.

The weekend before Halloween we went to a Trunk or Treat- my first.  We waited in line for about 45 minutes but it was worth the wait I think.  The kids got to go around to different trunks, eat a hot dog while they waited, and wear their costumes of course.

Us parents thought of how Disneyland must be like with lines this long all day.  I have no desire to submit myself to Disneyland anytime soon.

Caleb was batman, Kendall was a duck, and Anderson was a dino.  Of course people thought he was an alligator but as far as we were concerned, dino he was.

Next year we'll see what he choses, or honestly what I pick out for him.  I'm glad the holiday is over.  I felt like I had to shield his eyes from the scary costumes and monsters everywhere.  He saw a hat with monster eyes and said, "no like monsters! scary mommy, scary."  That's right Buddy.  Still my baby although I know next year his views, reactions, and overall demeanor about this holiday may be very very different.  I'll still try to focus on all things pumpkin though and vow to never have ghosts or witches or scary stuff as decor.  What can I say- it's not my thing to get all excited about that stuff.

Adios Halloween- until next year.

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