a trip to chagrin

We spent a lovely (and long) weekend in Chagrin a few weeks back.  It was long because Anderson wasn't feeling his best, wasn't sleeping his best, and overall it was fun to see family and friends but not restful for anyone involved.

As much as I want to get back in May for Blossom I know that'll be quite the trip and exhausting weekend as well.  Such are the times with little kids.  Who are we to think we could sit back and relax?  All experienced parents may now chuckle.

I had high hopes of getting some family photos while we were there but given him not feeling well it was best to just try to tickle him and get him to laugh since any sweet happy Anderson pictures were out of the question.

As always, it's good to go home.  It's good to see friends who I've known my whole life, to arrive in a town where we see someone we know within 5 minutes, to get breakfast at our favorite spot and to hope that Anderson will grow up with some memories of this town too.  

I love you Chagrin, oh yes I do.

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