38 weeks

I'm closer to 39 weeks today but for the sake of memories I'll go ahead and share my close-enough-to-38-weeks picture.

I'm 100 % positive that this does not do justice to how massive I feel or how I'm pretty sure all that fits me are a pair of maternity sweatpants. 

We're operating a week early this year when it comes to holiday decorating so although our mantel still says thanksgiving the rest of the house is pointing to Chrismas. 

I keep saying "would I rather get this done now or when I've only slept for 2 hours at a time?!" 

The nursery is coming together and should be complete this weekend now that we have nursery prints ready to hang and the quilt Benjamin's grandma made ready to go up as well. I love all the details in here and will post better pictures when I can!

In other news we had a holiday party of sorts to go to last night and afterwards were spontaneous and went to a movie.  When #2 comes along you definitely know how much you won't get out so we took advantage of Anderson sleeping at my parents and this baby still cooking while we still can!

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